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My Application


Name Position Extension Email
Berg, Jamie Budget Officer 177 berg/at/
Billmaier, Susan Program Officer, The Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship and Dissertation Fellowship in Women's Studies 310 billmaier/at/
Buntrock, LeAnn Program Director, Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership buntrock/at/
Clark, Ray Senior Advisor clark/at/
Cremer, Jason Fellowship Application Administrator 144 cremer/at/
Crowe, Ed Senior Advisor, Teaching Fellowships crowe/at/
DiFiore, Danielle Program Assistant for Online Recruitment 126 difiore/at/
Dungan, Jodi Development Officer 151 dungan/at/
Foran, Jane Assistant to the Executive VP/Chief Operating Officer 137 foran/at/
Fraser, James Senior Advisor, Teaching Fellowships fraser/at/
Gadsden, James Senior Counselor for International Affairs 305 gadsden/at/
Haber, Jonathan Director of Learner Assessment, WW Academy of Teaching and Learning haber/at/
Hancock, Chelsea Program Assistant for Fellow Support 325 hancock/at/
Hannan, Frances Micklow Communications Associate / Webmaster 131 hannan/at/
Hardy, Laurie Program Assistant, Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships 117 hardy/at/
Hirsch, Deborah Executive Director, WW Academy of Teaching and Learning hirsch/at/
Hong, Yoona Program Associate 134 hong/at/
Hull, Stephanie Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer 115 hull/at/
Kostendt, Elizabeth Program Assistant for Fellow Selection, Teaching Fellowships 324 kostendt/at/
Levine, Arthur President 124 levine/at/
Lloyd, Sue Manager of Fellowship Application Administration 127 lloyd/at/
Marrow, Carolyne Executive Assistant to the President 128 marrow/at/
Nagle, Joye Accounting Operations Officer 145 nagle/at/
Nalbone, Mike Manager of Information Technologies 162 nalbone/at/
Ndiba, Neema Admissions Counselor, Teaching Fellowships 161 ndiba/at/
Noble, Ina Program Associate, Mellon Programs 139 noble/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. Director, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships 309 ochoa/at/
Pinch, Judith Senior Advisor jlp/at/
Popow, Joseph Director of Information Technologies, Administrative Services 146 popow/at/
Riccards, Patrick R. Chief Communications and Strategy Officer 122 riccards/at/
Rogers, Bethany NJ State Director, Teaching Fellowships 163 rogers/at/
Rosenberg, Richard Chief Development Officer 306 rosenberg/at/
Rossien, Nan Controller 178 rossien/at/
Sanford, Beverly Vice President / Secretary to the Board 181 sanford/at/
Smith, Jere Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships 142 smith/at/
Smith, Lindsay Director of Marketing & Recruitment Strategy 187 lsmith/at/
Spang, Eliza Director of Learner Design, WW Academy of Teaching and Learning spang/at/
Stigale, Maria Receptionist/Development Assistant, Administrative Services 100 maria/at/
Stubbs, Desmond GA State Director, Teaching Fellowships stubbs/at/
Truelove, Rayna Mellon Program Officer 121 truelove/at/
Walizer, Marue Senior Advisor walizer/at/
Watson, Audra Director of Curriculum, Mentoring, and Assessment 140 watson/at/
Winter, Colin Deputy Director, WW MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership winter/at/
Yamashiro, Nolan Corporate, Foundation, and Government Grants Associate, Development Office 301 yamashiro/at/
Central Administration
President’s Office Levine, Arthur 124 levine/at/
Marrow, Carolyne 128 marrow/at/
Administrative Services Foran, Jane 137 foran/at/
Hull, Stephanie 115 hull/at/
Popow, Joseph 146 popow/at/
Stigale, Maria 100 maria/at/
Communications Hannan, Frances Micklow 131 hannan/at/
Riccards, Patrick R. 122 riccards/at/
Sanford, Beverly 181 sanford/at/
Smith, Lindsay 187 lsmith/at/
Development Dungan, Jodi 151 dungan/at/
Rosenberg, Richard 306 rosenberg/at/
Stigale, Maria 100 maria/at/
Yamashiro, Nolan 301 yamashiro/at/
Financial Staff Berg, Jamie 177 berg/at/
Clark, Ray clark/at/
Nagle, Joye 145 nagle/at/
Rossien, Nan 178 rossien/at/
Information Technology Cremer, Jason 144 cremer/at/
Lloyd, Sue 127 lloyd/at/
Nalbone, Mike 162 nalbone/at/
Popow, Joseph 146 popow/at/
Senior Advisors Crowe, Ed crowe/at/
Fraser, James fraser/at/
Pinch, Judith jlp/at/
Walizer, Marue walizer/at/
Programs and Initiatives
Career Enhancement Fellowship Noble, Ina 139 noble/at/
Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Billmaier, Susan 310 billmaier/at/
Mellon Mays Fellows Professional Network Hong, Yoona 134 hong/at/
Truelove, Rayna 121 truelove/at/
MMUF Dissertation Grants and Travel/Research Grants Noble, Ina 139 noble/at/
Truelove, Rayna 121 truelove/at/
Teaching and Learning Lab Haber, Jonathan haber/at/
Hirsch, Deborah hirsch/at/
Spang, Eliza spang/at/
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship Hancock, Chelsea 325 hancock/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. 309 ochoa/at/
Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships Gadsden, James 305 gadsden/at/
Hardy, Laurie 117 hardy/at/
Smith, Jere 142 smith/at/
Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies Billmaier, Susan 310 billmaier/at/
Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Hancock, Chelsea 325 hancock/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. 309 ochoa/at/
Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership Buntrock, LeAnn buntrock/at/
Winter, Colin winter/at/
Woodrow Wilson New Jersey Teaching Fellowship Hancock, Chelsea 325 hancock/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. 309 ochoa/at/
Rogers, Bethany 163 rogers/at/
Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship Hancock, Chelsea 325 hancock/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. 309 ochoa/at/
Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships Crowe, Ed crowe/at/
DiFiore, Danielle 126 difiore/at/
Fraser, James fraser/at/
Hancock, Chelsea 325 hancock/at/
Kostendt, Elizabeth 324 kostendt/at/
Ndiba, Neema 161 ndiba/at/
Ochoa, Jose F. 309 ochoa/at/
Rogers, Bethany 163 rogers/at/
Stubbs, Desmond stubbs/at/
Watson, Audra 140 watson/at/

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