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To Apply

A complete Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs or Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship application consists of these required components:

  1. A submitted online application.
  2. .PDF files of the required supplemental items, submitted by email. Please carefully review the Supplemental Items instructions below.
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation emailed from the recommender by the program’s deadline.

Instructions for each of these can be found below.


  • • Go to the application site. It is recommended that you save the Web page as a bookmark.
  • • Create an account/fill out the required information.
  • • Click the SUBMIT button before 11:59 p.m. ET on the appropriate application deadline.


To submit supplemental items, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Attach the following supplemental items as PDF files into ONE email with the subject line: Lastname, Firstname-Pickering.

  • 1. An unofficial copy of your transcript (all schools attended)
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – Transcript
  • 2. A copy of your certification of U.S. citizenship (U.S.
    • passport, birth certificate or naturalization papers accepted)
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – Citizenship
  • 3. A copy of either your SAT/ACT (for Undergraduate Fellowship) or GRE/GMAT scores (for Graduate Fellowship)
    • The score report does not need to be sent from the testing center. Screen shots are acceptable.
    • All applicants must provide the test scores, whether or not these tests are required for university admission.
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – Scores
  • 4. Your personal statement
    • The personal statement should be clearly written and double-spaced, and must not exceed 600 words. It should include:
      • Any disadvantages or obstacles that you had to overcome to obtain your education (such as low-income background; single-parent household; need to finance your own education by working full or part-time; low GPA in high school; etc.)
      • Your cultural sensitivity (illustrated by interest in foreign language; exposure to other cultures; volunteer or paid work experiences with people of various cultures or socioeconomic groups; tutoring or teaching experience; etc.)
      • Your diverse interests and background (demonstrated by such activities as living, traveling, studying, or performing government work; work with the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps, etc.)
      • Your interest, motivation, and commitment to a career in the Foreign Service
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – Personal Statement
  • 5. Your updated resume
    • Your resume should be no more than two pages long. It should include relevant extracurricular activities.
    •  The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – Resume
  • 6. Your most recent financial aid award letter listing grants or loans
    • If you were enrolled in school during the most recent academic year (2013-2014) and you received financial aid, you are required to submit a Financial Aid Letter.
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – FA Letter
  • 7. Your most recent Student Aid Report (SAR)
    • If you received financial aid during the most recent academic year (2013-2014), you are required to submit your most recent Student Aid Report (SAR), including the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
    • If you did not receive financial aid during the most recent academic year, you must complete the 2015 FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to generate a SAR. The FAFSA will open in January 2015. You may complete the 2015 SAR based on estimated tax figures.
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – SAR
  • 8. If applicable, your latest Form 1040.
    • You  must submit a copy of your latest 1040 form (2013 or 2012). If you received financial assistance from your parents in the last two years, you may submit a copy of their 1040 form (2013 or 2012) instead. If neither you nor your parents filed taxes within the last two years, there is a space on the application to indicate that.
    • The .PDF file should be labeled Lastname, Firstname – 1040

STEP 2: All supplemental items must be submitted via email to either:



  • 1: Obtain agreement from two recommenders. Select recommenders who can explain why you are uniquely qualified for the fellowship. One letter must be from a professor or faculty member who knows you. The other letter may be from someone else familiar with your college, volunteer, work, or community activities.
  • 2: Register your two recommenders in the application system. Return to your account page and scroll to the bottom. Click on “Submit Supplemental Items.” In the Recommendation Request Section, click on “Start” next to each listed letter of recommendation to initiate the request process. After entering your recommender’s name and email address, you will have the opportunity to include a personal note in the notification email. It is strongly advised that you provide a “submit by” deadline in this area for your recommenders.  
  • 3: Once you click the “Submit Request” button, your recommenders will receive an email from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, requesting that they submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. They have the option to accept or decline this request. Recommenders who accept the request will be taken to an online form where they will enter some information before uploading and submitting their recommendation letter. If a recommender declines your request to provide a recommendation, you will be notified by email. If you receive a “decline” notification, you will need to return to your application and “start” a new recommendation process with a different recommender.

You also have the ability in the same area of your account page to change a recommender by clicking on “Cancel” and then following the procedures to “Start” a new recommendation process with a different recommender, or to “Resend” a request to one of your recommenders, if necessary.

You will be able to track receipt of your letters of recommendation in the “supplemental items” section of your application. It is your responsibility to follow up with your recommenders to ensure that they have submitted their online recommendation prior to the deadline. We strongly recommend that letters of recommendation be emailed no later than one day prior to the appropriate deadline.

  • Letters of recommendation received after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Applications that do not contain both letters of recommendation are incomplete and will not be considered.
  • No more than two (2) letters of recommendation will be considered.

Please note:

  • • Pickering application inquiries may be directed to Pickering@woodrow.org.
  • • It is strongly recommended that all components be submitted well before the application deadline to ensure the documents have been received.
  • • If all components are not received by the appropriate deadline, the application will be incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Creating an account on the Woodrow Wilson application website will enable you to save your unfinished application so that you can return later to add or change entries and view the status of supplemental items (i.e. transcripts, resume, and recommendations). It is recommended that you save the Web page as a bookmark.

There is no fee to create an account. You will need to provide basic contact information and choose a username and password. Any information collected is used only for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s purposes in administering the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship (see the Foundation’s privacy policy).

After creating an account, you will be taken to your personal profile page where you will be able to return at any time to edit your personal information, change your password, register for events, start and/or complete your application, and  verify receipt of supplemental items.

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